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Post Date: 08/13/19

Purpose Gives Life Meaning. It lights a fire under us and gives our existence meaning. A man’s purpose can come in any manner of forms, but it is not something that the world thrusts upon you. We each need to choose our own purpose. 

Post Date: 10/03/19

How I Chose My College Major

One of the most difficult hurdles in college is selecting a major. Here are somethings I think you guys should look out for.

Post Date: 08/30/19

Dealing With Rejection. Even the best of men face rejection at some points in their lives. As men, we are destined to face some sort of rejection; women, jobs, business ventures, funding, etc., but this does not mean we stop moving forward. 

Post Date: 09/10/19

When You Think You Are Not Good Enough

What you can do when you feel sub par or believe you will never meet expectations.

Post Date: 08/22/19

"There Is Dignity In Hard Work".  Greatness is a destination. You can argue that all men are not born equal- and this is true, but YOUR distance to greatness is still finite

Post Date: 09/02/19

How To Deal With Rejection

Remember how it felt when you finally mustered up the courage to talk to that cute girl only to be shut down. The anxiety and anticipation? Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you...


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