The Foundation Of The Confident Man

The Confident Man was started to act as catalyst for men to access their core masculine potential, and experience the most life has to offer by learning from each other. We do not believe that there is a single truth. We believe truth is subjective and we strongly promote members of this group to share their experiences and life lessons for the betterment of other men as well as themselves.


We do strive to provide programs and knowledge that help provide multiple ways to unleash the inner masculine. We welcome constructive comments, additions and criticism of our posts and the posts of other men in the group, and appreciate the genuine efforts of each member. 

Knowledge is power.  We can agree our schools, and even society do not teach us many social skills nor the knowledge and mindset of being masculine. As men, this trait is our very core. This is knowledge gained through experience, and we feel that everyone has a lesson that they would like to share. That that is why this platform exists.

The Confident Man strives to create a safe and healthy platform where men can seek assistance from others, share their experiences, debate, be vulnerable and assist the less experienced. Every man has potential, but to access that masculine potential we need to peel off several layers of repression pushed onto us.

We want to create a community of men who are pursuing fulfillment and purpose while embracing their inner masculinity to create a positive impact in this world.

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