By Brandon Nwadinobi

Post Date: 06/11/19

Fuel Your Masculinity With Ambition. We are in a time where men are uncertain about what to do with themselves. Men are creatures that are built to protect, conquer and dominate. 

Post Date: 06/17/19

Discover Your Strengths And Unlock Your Potential. It is important to discover what your strengths are so you can fully take advantage of them. The amount of value you get from the world depends largely on the amount of value you bring to the world, so take full advantage of your talents.

Post Date: 06/24/19

How To Discover Hidden Opportunities. People believe that opportunities present themselves when they get to the “door”, and even though this thinking counters success, it is easy to see why people believe this. It is easier to see a “door” as an opportunity because going through the “door” has an obvious impact on your future.

Post Date: 07/31/19

Keep Calm Even When Offended. I have had my share of experiences with people who intentionally tried to offend me, but it is a completely different situation when compared to instances when people solely subjectively feel offended. 

Post Date: 08/13/19

Purpose Gives Life Meaning. It lights a fire under us and gives our existence meaning. A man’s purpose can come in any manner of forms, but it is not something that the world thrusts upon you. We each need to choose our own purpose. 

Post Date: 08/30/19

Dealing With Rejection. Even the best of men face rejection at some points in their lives. As men, we are destined to face some sort of rejection; women, jobs, business ventures, funding, etc., but this does not mean we stop moving forward. 

Post Date: 03/09/20

The Ultimate Reward Requires The Ultimate Sacrifice.  It is important because some things in life are so valuable that we can only attain them by giving up something else that is important to us. 

Post Date: 09/30/19

Become a Man of Value. “Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” 

The Confident Man. 2020.

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