Abandon Your Comfort Zone

We all have a space in our lives where we feel most comfortable. This is a comfort fostered by familiarity and a sense of happiness, so why is this actually bad for us? 
The first thing we have to understand is that our bodies and minds are designed to keep us happy, however subjective that happiness may be. Your mind only cares about how you feel in the present, so based on our daily actions it accumulates various factors and habits it believes will make you happy, and this creates our comfort zone. The problem is that our mind is only focused on the feeling of happiness and not how it is achieved; the easier the better. The mind is more likely to register frequent activities that generate happiness, these are activities that are easy to perform and results in quick and short term happiness. 

We have a lot of activities that can generate short-term happiness, gaming, surfing the web, TV, girls, social media, the list goes on. The difference between short-term happiness and long-term happiness is growth. Activities that generate short-term happiness do not foster individual growth, but it is because they are easily accomplished that these activities become habits and even addictions. Your mind wants to keep you comfortable, but activities that create long-term happiness  foster individual growth that takes a person into unfamiliar territory. Some of these activities enrich a person as an individual such as learning a new skill, tackling a difficult challenge, or surrounding yourself with highly driven individuals. These activities are not out of your reach, but rather the difficulty comes from the fact that you do not receive any “happiness” while pursuing these activities, some of which even bring hardships. Since it is easier and familiar, our minds would rather lengthen short term pleasure via repetition, than seek long-term happiness. 

The only person who can retrain your mind is you. Time is the single most valuable currency in our lives, all of us get only 24 hours in a day. You can choose to extend activities that generate instant gratification for days, months, years and even decades, but one day the reality life will catch up to you, then you will realize how severely under-prepared you are. As a man, it is important to stretch your comfort zone; live life on the edge of your comfort zone, in a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. When we are young, we don't know what the right step is, and that can prevent us from ever leaving our comfort zone. It could take several years before you figure out what you want from your life, hopefully, that won't be too late. If nothing else, hopefully what you do have now is time. You are the first and last person who will ever live your life, there is no map created for your life. We all are trying to make our own way in the darkness, you can choose to stay comfortable in your small bubble or risk the darkness to achieve greatness. 

Your mind’s subconscious is what keeps you attached to your comfort zone. Consciously you know what you need to do, but you also know how much work would be needed, the risk involved, and the chances that you would succeed. All this information affects how likely we are to take the first step. You are the first to live your life, meaning that you have to create your own map.

To create a map means to go to places uncharted, you may not know how these places are connected, but as you visit more places, learn new skills, meet new people, the map becomes clearer and clearer. 

We tend to get stuck in our routines, watching the days pass us by. You can choose to break out of it or settle, either way, only you can choose.
What will you choose?

What is ONE thing you would do if you couldn't fail but had limited time?

The Confident Man. 2020.

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