How You Can Discover Hidden Opportunities 

Imagine you are on a path on which you can only move forward. As you walk on this path, you see a red key on the path’s floor. You are surprised but you keep walking. After some time you spot a blue key, and this time you picked it up because you liked the color. Not too long later you see a yellow key, which you ignored because you already had a key.


You then arrive at 3 doors- blue, red and yellow  - each corresponding to the keys you saw on the way. Since you picked up only the blue key you could only go through the blue door, which you believe to be alright since you can only go though a door at a time anyway.


People believe that opportunities present themselves when they get to the “door”, and even though this thinking counters success, it is easy to see why people believe this. It is easier to see a “door” as an opportunity because going through the “door” has an obvious impact on your future.


“It is better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it”. - Franz Kafka


The opportunities in life are actually the "keys" because you cannot go through the doors without their keys. Would the number of keys you pick up matter since you can only go though one door at a time?

Yes it would, so you have to learn when and How to Seize Opportunities (John.Micheal.Morgan).


“Success is a thin line so the possibility of stumbling onto it accidentally is zero! You have to do all you can to make the possibility of achieving your goal get as close as it can to 100 percent” - Jordan B Peterson.


To be successful, you need to have as many options as possible available to you. Referring back to the analogy, if you had picked the other two keys, you would have had the option to go through the red or yellow door. Choice has a large impact on work ethic. Simply saying, “I chose to do this” versus “I have to do this”, largely affects how you approach any task.


Assuming the only door available to you was the best door of the three; but since you could not peek through the other two doors to see what lies ahead, you would develop a “what-if” mentality that will hinder you from giving your current path 100 percent. Consciously deciding and dedicating yourself to pursuing a goal makes you more ready to take on the difficulties you will face.


"The rich get richer". One of the reasons success has a snowball effect is because every success opens new options and possibilities, and with more options, the probability of achieving greater success rises. Sadly, the same can be said for failure. As you run out of options, you will have to do what you can to simply survive, and this actively prevents you from seeking new possibilities or options.


Even though we may want to, we are not physically able to pick up every key we come across on our path, nor walk through every door. Opportunity cost is defined as the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen.  Our ability to choose is one of our best abilities, but it can also carry the most weight. Every choice you make comes at the cost of something, be it time, resources, or other opportunities. We cannot have it all, but we can choose what we want and what we sacrifice.  


Now the real problem becomes how we select for the keys we pick up and those we leave behind. A method that works for me personally is a method I will term “The Hindsight Method”.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “hindsight is always 20/20”?  This means you completely understand a situation only after the event has already happened.  We all have had a point in our lives when we looked back on a missed opportunity, then fantasized about what our lives could have been like if we had seized that chance. This method works in a similar way, here are five simplified steps;


  • The first step is to pick a time in the future; 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years.


  • Visualize who you want to be then with as much detail as you can imagine; principles, social circle; confidence level, etc. (The more detailed the better, and this will change the closer you get to your ideal).


  • Make this vision of your ideal self the driver of your life; the persona that makes the decisions your current self acts on. (That persona will make a lot of decisions that will make you uncomfortable).



  • Most importantly, always trust yourself.

This method utilizes the mentality of your future ideal self looking back at his life and seeing the choices he made that got him to where he is. This way the current you will know what to strive for and what to sacrifice, and walk his path with true confidence.


Post in the group what methods work for you, and anything you would like for me to cover in an article or video!


Stay Awesome!


The Confident Man. 2020.

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