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How Infidelity affects Men and Women (Evolutionary Perspective)

Male - female relations, as they are now, can seem a tad bit complicated, and it is important to remember that though as humans we are more intellectual, we are still animals. I start this way because some people are not aware of how biology affects behavior, and there are much less people who fully grasp how much #evolutionary #biology affects male and female relations today.

I came across a really interesting video that talked about a concept that often crosses my mind; why men tend to be more physical oriented and women being more emotionally oriented. It was a video that talked about the things you'd expect a video like this to talk about; men being attracted to physical beauty as it hits towards fertility, and women seeking stability in relationships.

The really interesting bit was when it came to #infidelity. Infidelity in a relationship is terrible and inexcusable and has great negative effects on both men and women, but what was interesting was the distinction between the effects of physical infidelity and emotional infidelity on men and women.

Men are more affected by physical infidelity, but women are affected more by emotional infidelity. The reasons are based in evolution. Before a man can invest his resources, he needs to be sure that the child is his. This is an evolutionary behavior because DNA always wants to make its way to the next generation and a man would not want to spend his resources on a child that is not his.

Women on the other hand do not face a maternal uncertainty, but they do need someone who can provide for her and her offspring, and pregnancy is also a really vulnerable time. Females will often mate with the male they perceive to possess quality genetic material, and ideally, they need the same male to be capable of taking care of their family. The fear that the male provider will leave makes emotional infidelity a greater problem to females as .

Let me know what you guys think of this. There are other evolutionary links I have studied, and I think it is interesting to think of modern #relationships from a perspective that possesses a hint of evolutionary behavioral biology.


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