By Brandon Nwadinobi

Post Date: 5/25/19

Always tell the truth. Your words end up becoming your truth. Lying creates an inner conflict because you are consciously aware that what you say does not align with reality. To deal with this inner conflict, we slowly start believing the lie.

Post Date: 5/14/19

Failure is the prerequisite to growth. Human beings in our most primal nature are animals of growth; we fall, we get up, we learn and repeat. This process created all you see around you and even who you are.

It is definitely possible to conquer insecurity once the root cause is identified. For example, if you feel insecure about socializing ask yourself why? Are you scared of talking to people? Did you have a traumatic experience? Are you setting the bar too high? Keep asking these sorts of questions until you narrow down on something actionable.

Social anxiety can be the biggest hindrance to developing true confidence. It is more than just being shy. It is defined as the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people,leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, self-consciousness, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression. These feelings are caused by over-activity in the part of the brain that controls fear response.

Much of communication is nonverbal, we are used to focusing on the verbal that we often tend to overlook the physical aspect of it. Body language is a form of physical communication that is often underrated.  Unlike verbal speech where it is relatively easier to lie, body language often gives away a person’s true intentions. You can have the ability to completely see through a person...

Nice guys finish last”, as guys, we have all heard this saying. It basically means that nice guys usually do not achieve their goals, but why is that the case?  A genuinely nice guy has no agenda, no target goal nor reason to be nice, they do it from the heart. 

Our bodies and minds are designed to keep us happy, however subjective that happiness may be. Your mind only cares about how you feel in the present, so based on our daily actions it accumulates various factors and habits it believes will make you happy, and this creates our comfort zone. 

Post Date: 06/02/19

5 social skills you NEED to master. Social communication is an integral part of everyone's life. No man is an island. Some are naturally good at communicating effectively with others while others learn over time. 

Narcissism is a double-edged sword that many do not know how to wield, nor are aware of its existence within them. It can make you feel like a boss or, at the other end of the spectrum, a needy little boy. Everyone has an element of narcissism within them,  and it is important to identify and understand how it plays out in your life, especially socially and in relationships...

You can view masculinity as a sword; though the sword can cause harm, it can also be used to protect, and it is in a man's nature to want to protect. Suggesting we simply take away the sword of masculinity, we will do more harm than good, especially to future generations; men and women. 

It is important because principles form a man’s foundational strength, especially against the worlds challenges. As a man, in the pursuit of your mission you will face a lot of challenges; people who challenge your perspective, tough moral choices, social confirmation, etc. but you need to make the right choice. 

We’ve all been there before - staring anxiously at our phones waiting for that girl to text you back. That feeling of uncertainty is one you never forget, emotions start piling up and you start thinking irrationally when time starts building up from their latest response.

By Jake Grant.

It is tempting to choose to coast through life especially if we feel comfortable with our current situation, after all, working hard is hard work. We may prefer an easy life, but that will not result in a fulfilling life. Fulfillment can come in many forms, depending on the person of course, but it can never come from doing nothing...

 A major difference between Confidence and “confidence” is resilience. Set back is an important part of building Confidence. The mental fortitude to know, or at least genuinely believe, that the action you take is the right one. Men who act “confident” are weak when met with resistance and that causes them to fumble. That weakness stems from a lack of self-assurance...

Drive is an important part of being a man and getting in touch with one's masculine essence. It's an important part of living life to its fullest. We don't need to create an empire to fully enjoy life, but we do need to go after the things we feel we should. If you have ever thought; “It would be cool if I could do that, but...”. I can tell ya, there is literally no better time to start than NOW...  

No matter who you are, we’ve all faced moments where we’re stuck being victims to our own uncertainties. It could be the lack of courage to confront your crush, the doubt that you’ll be successful on your final exam, or the fear that you aren’t smart enough to strive for the career of your dreams. 

By Jake Grant.

The Confident Man. 2020.

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