Principles are fundamental truths that influence behavior or reasoning. Principles are the, or at least should be, the basis of human action in the world. 

As an individual, it is important to know what you stand for. It is important because principles form a man’s foundational strength, especially against the worlds challenges. As a man, in the pursuit of your mission you will face a lot of challenges; people who challenge your perspective, tough moral choices, social confirmation, etc. but you need to make the right choice. There is a saying “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything”.

Having a value you could die for means you have done your research as to why those values are worth holding. Principles positively affect a person's confidence in himself by providing certain guides that enforce a particular way of thinking. For example, let's take a principle like honesty.  Honest people will not lie, steal or cheat; even when tempted or without consequences, those constraints will help them uphold this principle and this is highly admirable. In life, you have to polarize. That means strongly sticking for what you believe and being against what you do not. If you are middle-of-the-road, meh or mediocre so you do not offend anyone, you will not appeal to anyone strongly. It may be safer not to risk stepping on any toes, but that comes with its disadvantages too. Life involves risks, we just have to chose which risks we prefer, and also, not taking risks is a risk.

Principles also help with “shit tests”.  A“shit test” is basically a made-up word that refers to various tests girls perform on guys to judge their reaction. This appears to be a major issue, and it is common to hear of  guys “failing” these tests.  First of all; if you view any scenario as a  “shit test”, you most likely have a few character issues to work on first. 

Principles help with these "tests” by eliminating the concept entirely. Imagine your response in this situation; You are on a date with a woman you find very attractive, but she is saying bad things about her “friends” and wants you to join along. Most guys would come to a similar conclusion; they do not know her friends and they want to make a positive impression/ not risk upsetting her, so they will follow suit. You need to be a man who strongly values goodness in yourself and in others and tell her that is wrong. Principles come with their set of values, and if the values you hold are worth less than sex or validation you have to question the reason you hold those values or if you even have them at all. 

When you have a well-defined principle you will not view “shit tests” as a test of any kind. It is simply another situation in which you express yourself as truly as you can. Though this has its risks, It makes you a strong individual. Principles are needed in all areas of life not only in interacting with women. Principles build character, and character influences people. Success is a result of providing value to others. To be able to do that, you need to have a set of principles that will drive you and your work.

Principles are easy to obtain but challenging to live by; it is a decision you make and choose to stick by. For example, if you want to be an honest person, you will need to always tell the truth no matter what. Telling the truth can be hard, but to be a person who upholds your principles you will have to tell the truth. Imagine the best man you know you can be and what principles you would hold, then work towards becoming that person by upholding those principles.

The Confident Man. 2020.

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