Purpose Gives Life Meaning

Have you ever been so eager for the next day you could hardly sleep? Like the day before your first field trip, so eager that it felt like the day could not come any slower. We feel that way because we are excited about tomorrow! We are excited because we anticipate the fun that is to come, but what if we could control that emotion. What if we could feel like that any time we wanted?


Purpose is a person’s primary objective. It lights a fire under us and gives our existence meaning. A man’s purpose can come in any manner of forms, but it is not something that the world thrusts upon you. We each need to choose our own purpose. 




“Pick your damn sacrifice.”- Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson says that the adoption of responsibility is the best way for men to find their purpose. Life is a process of constant decision making, and for each thing we choose, many other possibilities are left unchosen. Life is full of opportunity costs, there is always going to be something sacrificed. Even doing absolutely nothing comes at a cost of something, so how do we tackle this dilemma? 


Imagine a farmer was given a decision to make between two bags; one contained apples and the other contained oranges. On paper, it would not make any difference which choice the farmer made until we added other factors. What if the farmer could be an amazing apple farmer? What if the farmer could predict which fruit would become more valuable in the future? What if the farmer was planning to move to a location more suitable for orange farming?

In life, we are forced to make many sacrifices and we have to live with their consequences. Having a purpose gives you an end goal, but more importantly, it affirms your decisions and rationalizes the sacrifices you have made. If the farmer did not have a goal, it would not matter which fruit he picked, but at the same time, the value he would get from the chosen fruit would not compensate for the sacrifice he made in only picking one fruit.


Having a purpose gives your life meaning. It is similar to having a map showing you the way you should go. A man without a map does not know when he is going the wrong way, nor does he know when he is going in the right direction. You can definitely blame the lack of a map for going in the wrong direction, but you will still have to suffer the consequences of going in that direction. The longer you stay on the wrong path, the greater the consequences will be.  


I believe the meaning of life is in the journey. We are a very fragile species, we seek order and flee from chaos. We would rather be safe, but confined, than be free. We are so scared of the "real world" that we would prefer our paths to be decided for us than to be complicit in our own failures. 


We each have our own maps and it is up to us to fill out its details. Having a purpose gives a man a path, and as he walks this path he learns and grows, adding more landmarks to his map. A more detailed map increases the chance that you will get to your destination.



As you walk the path you have chosen for yourself, you will face various challenges, successes, and defeats that will make you stronger than your peers. There is a saying that goes; you either sacrifice now for tomorrow or tomorrow for now. This choice is completely up to you.


There is no one path to fulfillment, especially long-term fulfillment, it takes trust. You have to trust yourself, but first, you have to become a man you can trust. This is why you need to create your map, you need a destination that will give you the strength to face challenges head-on and give meaning to the sacrifices you have made.


Purpose and passion are not the same. Passion is something you enjoy, while purpose is a responsibility you have to yourself. One is a luxury and the other a responsibility. Purpose and passion are different, but there needs to be elements of your passion in your purpose to make it fulfilling. 


Finding your purpose involves being willing to commit yourself to something greater than yourself. It also involves being fully aware of your abilities and where you can improve. The first step is to find what you are good at; Find Your Strengths. Find a way to implement your strengths for the good of something bigger than yourself. 


This is a complex topic that can't be covered in a simple post, but let me know down in the comments what you guys think. If this becomes an expansive topic, I will create a thread in the forum.


The Confident Man. 2020.

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