Truth, simply put, is the objective reality of the world. Objective reality is just the way things are, free from individual perception. It is very important to tell the truth because your words are very powerful. Your words affect your beliefs, and in turn, your beliefs create your reality

Your words end up becoming your truth. Lying creates an inner conflict because you are consciously aware that what you say does not align with reality. To deal with this inner conflict, we slowly start believing the lie. We use rationalization, selection bias, whatever we can to convince ourselves that we are not liars. The best liars are people who believe their own lies. 
Lying is bad, people who lie are bad, but I am good”. This line of thinking creates inner conflict when we lie because we all want to believe that we are good people.  You can lie and accept that you are not as good as you would like to believe, or convince yourself that the lie is “acceptable”, “harmless” or “true”, and retain your good status.

So what if we believe the lie, but no one got hurt, so what? You are free to lie, you are free to believe your lies, you are free to create your own subjective reality, but it is impossible to operate in the real world on the basis of anything subjective. 
For example; let us say you failed a test because you did not study. Rather than accept the responsibility, you tell yourself that you failed because you are not a good test taker. You feel better because it is now “out of your control”, and you still retain a positive academic view of yourself. What actions would you take if this was your belief? What about if you had accepted the result as an effect of your failure to prepare?

We all have many different reasons to lie, but what they all have in common is;  they prevent confrontation. We lie usually because we believe that to be the easier route. We lie to others because the alternative would lead to a difficult confrontation.  We lie to ourselves to free us from the burden of responsibility for our own lives. Guys remember, even though we can lie and create our various subjective truths, this world still stays the same. Reality is what it is, and it does not care about what you want. To be a masculine man, you have to be ready, willing and able to confront yourself and this world, even if you avoid everything else, you cannot avoid these two. 

It takes courage to tell the truth, especially in today’s western society. The truth today can be viewed as resistance, oppression, and in some cases, even violence. There is a saying that goes, “be in the world, and not of the world”. This means staying true to who you are. Humans have incredible potential, and there will definitely be obstacles in your path, but at the very least, ensure that you are not one of those obstacles.  Always try to tell the truth, to yourself and to others.


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The Confident Man. 2020.

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